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Our world class Internships are on offer to people from all around the world to gain real work experience in the New Zealand workforce. Our team have international experience and we bring all these qualities to establish an acceptable work ethic to collaborate with New Zealand companies. You will be gaining experience and growing with New Zealand startup companies which will help you enhance your skills and experience being ready to work with Large Corporates and Government Departments worldwide.

Why Tech Intern?

Practical Skills

Employers are looking for people who can have problem-solving skills, are able to learn and develop new ideas, and have fundamental knowledge about the latest technologies. At Tech Intern we develop the practical skills needed by employers.

Latest Technology

Information Technology is ever-changing, that’s why at Tech Intern, we ensure to provide the latest technology in the industry for you to stay competitive and relevant.

Tech Intern Location

Located at the capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is known for government offices and major companies.

Web Designer

Design or redesign web pages using creative and technical knowledge. The responsibilities of a designer are to make sure the website is functional, easy to use and is appealing to the user.

Software Developer

Develops and maintains the software. The responsibilities of the developer include designing, installation, programming, maintenance as well as testing of the software. The developer should have good knowledge on programming languages and techniques to develop a better software.

Database Administrator

Administer the computer systems and maintain the database environment by securing the data from all possible attacks. The responsibilities of a DBA are as follows: Capacity Planning, Installation, Configuration, Database Design, Migration, Performance Monitoring, Security, Troubleshooting, Backup and Data Recovery.

Software Tester

Tests the software and systems to avoid risks and prevents issues. The responsibilities of the tester are to test the functionality, performance, scalability, stress, load and lots more of the software or the systems. The tester uses various tools and technologies to test to deliver bug free software.

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Tech interns Training and Internship

Our team has the knowledge and experience to position you for success. We are offering the best industry training and internship program for beginners in your respective IT field. We have extensive experience working with Government Departments, Banks, Health, Justice, Education, Social and Environmental sectors.

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$ 499 /month
IT Security
$ 599 /month

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